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House of the Sleeping Cat
Painted wood box
inspired by the work of MC Escher
Painted wood box


Twenty Twenty
Winner of the Thalassa Award, 2020 City Without Senses Competition
held by the 2112 Foundation, San Francisco CA

The summer of twenty twenty is now past 

Days weeks and months in limbo 

I wonder has it gone by too fast  

As summers tend to do 

Or has it been interminably long 

“I can’t wait for this year to be gone” 

No friends to hug no laughing out loud 

No singing no dancing no skipping 

Masked, sanitized, shielded, gloved 

Carefully breathing in and out 

We softly spoke of summers past  

Bound within our six foot circles in the park 

The sun still curved across the sky 

The earth spun in its orbit 

The moon still did its stealthy dance  

And comet Neowise streaked 

Across the sequined sky 

The cycle of seasons stayed unchanged 

The flowers still bloomed and trees still fruited 

The birds still built their nests in nooks  

No boundaries stopped the wild things 

No quarantines in their migrations 

Free to roam through the city 

Oblivious to our six foot circles in the park

Lighting struck twelve thousand times 

There’s smoke and toxins in the air  

How quick the summer’s golden light 

Has turned to ash raining from above 

Now we step out on streets empty and still 

While Mars is low on the horizon 

Leaves pirouette and softly glide 

It’s quiet now there’s no hustle 

Come gently, softly, winter rain 

Slowly wash out the fog 

Creep out old year like a nightmare fade 

Uncurl unfurl the new year  

Break out ... breathe in